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Anonymous asked:
I wanted to ask- how exactly is Jennifer Lawrence being transphobic in that interview about her cat? I'm not trying to imply that she isn't being transphobic, but I don't see her saying anything besides "we thought it was a boy but its a girl, so we refer to her with the name of a well-known trans* person."

before i say anything else: i’m not an authority on trans* issues, since i don’t speak from a place of personal experience. friends who know more about this than me— feel free to correct me.

anyway, the fact that she (nick)named the cat chaz bono because it seems like a guy but is actually a girl is hella gross. she’s equating  an FTM person to a cat that seems male but is actually female, which is absurdly belittling and invalidating of trans* identities.

it also reduces chaz bono to the punchline of a joke simply because he’s a trans man. (and in front of ellen, who’s a well known friend of his?? jlaw you’re a mess.)

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