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nerdyninjanicole asked:
I am glad you share in the Steve/Bucky feelings. (They are largely wrapped up in my Steve/Natasha/Bucky feelings, but still very much present).

ugh TELL ME ABOUT IT. i’m not glad that you understand this pain— because i would never wish suffering upon you— but i’m glad you understand this pain. 

like, i invariably end up asking three questions re: steve/bucky:

  1. “what are we going to do with these boys”
  2. “what are these boys going to do with each other” 
  3. “what are these boys going to do without each other”

all real questions, none of which can be answered without feeling emotionally brutalized.  

(and yes it’s much the same for me. steve/natasha/bucky and [mcu!]steve/peggy/bucky are tightly interwoven entities. but thankfully each individual dynamic does so well to inform each character that multishipping them is a PIECE OF CAKE.)

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  1. nerdyninjanicole said: I have expectations for Captain America 2, I hope we are all not disappointed =S
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